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Subscription Billing

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovation Management (also known as SAP BRIM) is a high-volume usage-based solution, designed to ease
the complexities of billing and invoicing procedures.


SAP Billing (BRIM)

Deliver Better Customer Experience

This solution has traditionally been favoured by industries who largely rely on usage and subscription billing, such as Telecom, Media and High Tech. However, more and more industries are leveraging the versatility of this solution, such as Auto, Retail, Transport, Manufacturing, and many more. BRIM’s end-to-end order to cash management uses a combination of SAP Sales Order and Management, SAP Convergent Charging and Invoicing and SAP Customer Financial Management.

SAP Billing AMS Support

Do not let monotonous daily tasks drain your IT resources and let them focus on being more strategic and less tactical with the Application Management services. Opting for AMS Support is the best way to optimize your billing application and increase operational efficiency. Choosing the right AMS partner can let your team leverage the maximum potential of your SAP solutions, letting them focus on more strategic and essential activities.Give your IT team the advantage of accessing on-demand SAP support in different functional and technical areas depending on the requirement. Services are easy to work with, easy to access, and always available.


Subscription Billing Cloud

SAP Subscription Billing is a Cloud platform which makes generating recurring and usage-based billing data and customer relationship management easy to understand, monitor and analyse. The nature of the platform makes it one of the most scalable solutions for a subscription-based business model and can easily be integrated with other Cloud solutions such as SAP Sales Cloud.